Journey Driven Product Design Leader

There's a lot of important elements to building products,
but understanding user journeys is key to product success.

Case Studies


Work History

Lead UX Designer

Kava Labs | 2 years

UX design lead and manager. Leading multiple design, research and product initiatives. Setting up qualitative and quantitative research processes. Mentoring junior designers and onboarding incoming PMs.

Led the launch of a new feature which has seen over 200 million supplied, had 4x the conversion rate of the current experience and became the #1 source of TVL.

Senior Product Designer

Matic | 1 year

Product design lead and pm for the growth team. Provided quantitative & qualitative research, visual design, illustration, content strategy, design patterns, user flows, wireframes and wrote dev tickets to refine the servicing funnel.

Iterated over multiple A/B tests to improve the serving funnel conversion rates by over 20%.

Senior UX/UI Designer

TeamSnap | 5 years

Product design lead for multiple core business units. Worked across multiple teams to build new products and expand existing products that ranged from payments systems and member management, to dashboards and website builders.

Led development in the redesign of our web apps and marketing site. Worked with other designers, developers and QA to help us adopt a component-driven design approach.

Helped grow the Club & League line of business from a 3 person product team with 80k monthly revenue, to over 20 people and 900k revenue.

What People Say

  • Bill has a killer collection of skills that make him a powerful and versatile member of multiple teams. He’s a beautiful visual designer, a crack UX/UI expert, a whiz at front-end development and a thoughtful strategic thinker and information architect. It all adds up to a guy who can take any project from problem statement to a beautiful, standards-compliant finished product. His love for frameworks and components ensures that the rest of the team can leverage his work and multiply the power of his design vision.

    Beyond his skills, Bill is also an awesome teammate, quick to mentor or jump in to help without being asked. He makes his teams better and has been a quiet superhero owning the user experience for an entire line of business plus multiple other initiatives. Honestly, we’re not sure how he does it all, but he does. Great designer, even better guy. 100% superhero.

    - Andrew Berkowitz, Founder & CEO
  • Bill is an extremely skilled UX/UI designer. He's extremely user focused and designs based off analytics and user feedback. His designs are smooth and flow together nicely, and he does a fantastic job designing in components. Bill has been an instrumental part of building out TeamSnap's component library and continues to show excellent levels of ownership with that project. Working with Bill has made my job easier and the entire company trusts him to take care of our flagship application, from a UX/Design perspective.

    - Brad Cypert, Staff Software Engineer
  • Bill was a Senior Designer when I joined the team as a Junior Designer and while Bill was not my manager, he went out of his way to mentor me, provide feedback on my work and find projects to help me expand my skills. Thanks to Bill I was able to ramp up quickly and contribute to the team faster. He was constantly looking for ways to improve his own work as well, from going out on his own to research ways to improve the user experience to being incredibly receptive to feedback of his own designs.

    - Mary Cornfield, Designer & Cofounder, Capitan
  • I had the pleasure of working on a team with Bill and implementing his designs at Teamsnap. Our product was very data heavy. Bill's knack for making complicated forms and data tables look friendly and accessible made the interface feel effortless, and his solid grasp of front end technologies and their capabilities and weaknesses made his designs a slam dunk to implement. He is exactly the kind of designer any developer would love to work with. He's humble, easy going, self-motivated, and a talented designer as well. I would enthusiastically recommend him for whatever he put his mind to.

    - Mike Michaud, Software Architect